The infamous gambling story, how they got away with it all.
212 Blackjack Movie Premiere


The gambling movie of the year

212 The Movie

The 212 Blackjack movie is a critically acclaimed look at one of the best blackjack strategies ever formulated. Following Ivan, an avid gambler who travels country to country taking winnings at every table he visits. It's legal, but seems like it shouldn't be. What will the outcome be?

Executive Directors

212 has been created by multiple award winning directors with very accomplished backgrounds.

Class Production

Produced by the best names in career filming, 212 Blackjack promises to be a potential award winner.

Exclusive Studios

212 Blackjack utilizes high grade on set studios that ensure the highest quality working standards.

Awards Winning

We have already won multiple awards leading up to the release of the 212 Blackjack movie!

Words from the executive director

'212 Blackjack is the most thrilling movie of my career. We will bring to light some of the deeper secrets of the high end gambling world. This will thrill audiences of all ages, a must watch!'

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